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What Don’t You Know...?


Wonderful question. Unknown unknowns… as Rummy called them. Obama casts Michelle as a shrew who tells him what he doesn’t know. But here is what he does know: canned speech.

Is McCain really competing to be the child of a single mother? Nice that he knows all this great stuff about American opportunity too. Why can’t they tell us that they learn new things daily, and will bring in the smartest people they can find? To be sure, I criticized Mitt for claiming he’d call in the MIT faculty when there was a problem. But for some reason I wanted to hear that both of these flawed men do, in fact, know how to deal with their weaknesses. Oh well…

On balance, Obama was fine, which is all he had to be, given his lead. Did McCain break through? I thought that he sounded energetic, prepared and solid, and more articulate than usual. But I’d vote for a yellow dog before a Democrat….


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