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What the Campaign Should Do Now


Some readers are less pessimistic than we, here at the Corner seem to be about the debate in general. As always, it is the job of a conservative to expect the worst and hope to be wrong.

There is still time for the McCain Campaign to embrace the surround, engulf, put him entirely on the defensive strategy I offered yesterday, here. In the worst case, it would be a good idea, at the end of a long career of service, including combat service, for Senator McCain to go down fighting. Rev it up, guys.

A marketing executive/reader sends the following advice for follow-up by the campaign, to compensate for what wasn’t said:  

As a professional marketer, I can say that McCain doesn’t need a major event on Obama’s radical associates, he needs a multi-pronged coordinated marketing campaign on this. My suggestion:

1. Title the campaign “Barack Obama’s Neighborhood”
2. Run 30 second television spots and Youtube ads in a serial format – i.e Day 1 in the Neighborhood, Day 2 ” ” “. Each day introduce a new, shady associate.
3. End ads with a pointer to a slick separate website domain with more info. The kind of website that television shows and movies have, not politicians. Multimedia heavy – downloadable screen savers, viral e-cards, games (i.e. virtual card deck game with shady associates)
4. Run web flash ads with same themes, drive traffic to website in #2.
5. Have Palin reference campaign every day when she is doing her thing.


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