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Obama’s Disqualifier


Andy McCarthy’s right that it’s imperative to attack the premise that Obama’s a plausible president. Obama consorted with a terrorist who brags about planting bombs and whose organization planted hundreds of bombs. Some were meant to kill cops. Some were meant to kill soldiers. Some were meant to kill civilians.

Let’s put this quite simply: This is an abomination. This alone disqualifies Obama from being president. Even if he can heal the planet. Even if the Dow tanks to 5000. Even if he puts a unicorn in every garage. A majority of Americans will not vote for a candidate who they know has had a working relationship with a terrorist — foreign or domestic. But they must know it.

Americans haven’t suddenly become so tolerant of terrorism — and those who are tolerant of terrorists — that we’ll vote for a smooth, glib, empty suit because we hope that somehow he’ll work some form of alchemy on a scary economy.

This is not rocket science. The facts must be presented. Clearly, concisely, repeatedly. They haven’t been.

I’ll leave it to the pros to figure out how to make this register given the economy. But I think Jim Geraghty’s idea of having an event at Ft. Dix should at least start the discussion.


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