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Re: Christopher Buckley, Speechwriter


From a reader:

Peter, you said that the highest grade on rhetoric was Palin.  But, I never actually heard Buckley give Biden a grade, only that it was higher than McCain and Obama.  Did I miss the actual grade?  Palin was a 7.  What did he rank Biden?

Sorry about this, but Christopher’s grading of Biden must have gotten cut when this segment was edited.  (Old friends — as I’ve explained, we’ve known each other since we were fellow speechwriters for Vice President George H. W. Bush, making us the only two people aside from Mark Steyn who can actually remember Tip O’Neill — Christopher and I nattered on during the taping, forcing the producer to make a few nips and tucks before sending the tape along to the tech guys here at NRO.)  In any event, Christopher placed Biden second, just after Palin — yes, he placed Biden above Obama — giving Biden (if I’m recalling the number correctly) a six.


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