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Try a Little Tenderness....


Given the faux outrage over McCain’s campaign by an assortment of Obama appendages, and according to this logic that the candidate is responsible for the outbursts of any and all supporters, one would hope then that Obama could get ahold of the more ugly group of his supporters, and take the responsibility for them to cool it–perhaps just a word or two from the Senator about reining in their hate speech to a Sandra Bernhard, or a Madonna, or Whoopi Goldberg, or the hundred or so celebrities in Hollywood who have said some rather creepy things, or to Ludacris, or a warning to Rep. Lewis about cooling the bit about McCain’s campaign and the blowing up of little girls.

Perhaps at some point St. Obama might say something like the following: “Our hope and change campaign has naturally raised expectations; but I appeal to all my zealous supporters to refrain from character assassination of my opponents. So please—no more photo-shopping of Sen. McCain’s picture, or spreading untruths on the Atlantic Magazine website about VP candidate Sarah Palin’s last pregnancy. And, please supporters: do not hack into Gov. Palin’s email, and do not swarm radio stations to silence Dr. Kurtz. Nor is there any reason to sue to remove my opponent’s ads. And above all, my Acorn friends, do not register to vote those who never exited.”

Instead of calls to “get in their face” and talk about bringing a gun to a knife fight, or suggestions of Sen. McCain being “confused” or “losing his bearings” from Sen. Obama, perhaps he might offer just a tiny bit of ethical admonition from on high to restore a sense of civility to this election campaign.