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Iran News Round Up (Oct. 18)


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  • According to Entekhab, rumors increase that Khatami will not run for president. Former prime minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi is mentioned as a possible candidate from the Mosharekat [Participation] Front. But talking to assembled university students, Khatami refused a clear answer: “The president must guard the Constitution while serving and should enjoy guarantees and executive freedom to execute the Constitution… When the Supreme Leader was president of the Republic, he did his utmost to establish the rights of the presidency…. But I’m also convinced that this is not enough. I believe that the president must be able to perform his duties.”
  • E’temad Melli analyst slams allegations that the reform movement is “pro-American” and urges the political elites to study Ayatollah Khomeini, who on “one occasion called the U.S. the Great Satan”, but on another occasion – disclosed by former president Rafsanjani – demanded improvement of relations with the U.S. and an end to “death to America” chants.
  • Tehran parliamentarian Ali Mottahari says the public should get used to harsh criticism of the government.
  • Rafsanjani defends the record of Azad University graduates in the face of the government campaign against the university.
  • The trial Abbas Palizdar will be open to the public.


  • Former president Mohmammad Khatami to attend Seminar on International Ethics in Vienna.
  • (E) Delegation from U.S. Mennonite universities in Iran.

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