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Weisberg on Libertarianism


After the Oklahoma City bombing, Jacob Weisberg wrote that conservatives including Rush Limbaugh and Phil Gramm were “un-American.” Earlier this year, he explained that the case for Obama over McCain was so overwhelming and obvious that if his candidate lost only racism could explain it. So his latest article on how the financial collapse disproves libertarianism is a surprise to no one familiar with Weisberg’s brand of ideological smugness.

Nor will readers familiar with his work be surprised to see that there is a hole right in the middle of his article–right where its central argument ought to be. Libertarians, he notes, say that various misguided government interventions played a big role in the financial crisis. He then writes, “There are rebuttals to these claims and rejoinders to the rebuttals. But to summarize, the libertarian apologetics fall wildly short of providing any convincing explanation for what went wrong.” Well, if Jacob Weisberg says so then it must be true. To summarize, Weisberg has assumed the truth of the central proposition he is trying to prove. It certainly makes his job easier.


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