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Feedback on “Not Learning to Love Big Government”


An email, with minor edits for spelling:

Why do you seek to demonize the left? To say “America and the left” in your tagline suggests anyone with left-leaning political views is un-American. These divisive and irrelevant messages distract politically-engaged Americans from the issues. You talk about the left being “Big-Government”? Which administration just set on the agenda for a government-dominated banking system??? Which administration has spent more money than it takes in, resulting in the largest deficit on record??? When the market doesn’t work, who is the first hand outstretched toward the government for a bailout??? Just because dems want to invest in society does not mean they are un-American. Dems have their own problems, but continuing a culture war is not productive to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Why are Left-leaning Americans not spewing great American love? Because they are ashamed of the current Republican leadership and idiots like you who isolate us from the rest of the world and squeeze the middle and working class to the benefit of the wealthy. They are ashamed that our troops have died on the battlefields of the middle east without the purpose put forth by our leaders. And I am personally ashamed at your hatred and attitude. Unfortunately, meatheads like you are the reason that unquestioned conservatism exists and inhibits the progress of this nation. Thank GOD Obama will win.

I didn’t choose the subhed, actually, but you seem a trifle oversensitive.


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