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Look, My People


Today on Uncommon Knowledge, the fifth and final segment of my interview with Ward Connerly, the civil rights activist and author, most recently, of Lessons from My Uncle James:  Beyond Skin Color to the Content of Our Character.

Does it bother him, I ask, that black organizations oppose anti-preference initiatives like those he succeeded in placing on the ballots this year in Colorado and Nebraska?  What would Martin Luther King, Jr. say?  “Martin Luther King,” Connerly replies,

was a great man.  He believed in the principle of equal rights for all Americans.  He would not be afraid to go to black people and say, ‘Look, my people, it’s time to move ahead.  It’s time to live out the true meaning of our creed.’  Unfortunately, there’s been nobody like Martin Luther King to come along since then.  But it has to be said.

Ward Connerly, a courageous man.  Watch him here.