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Fight Fight the Smears


Looks like Barack Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website is at it again, calling me a “right-wing hatchet man” and worse. This time they’re trying to discredit my piece on Obama and the New Party. But nowhere in their supposed rebuttal do they refer to the evidence in question. The site points out that Obama ran for office as a Democrat. But that’s no barrier to New Party membership, given that it was a fusion party. Apparently, the fact that Bill Kristol is a member of the board of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where I work, is supposed to be some sort of proof that I am not to be believed.  Seems to me the Obama camp is genuinely worried about this New Party issue gaining traction.

If anything, the so-called Fight the Smears site has discredited itself, given it’s absurd and false denials, since exposed, of Obama’s deep and long-standing ties to ACORN. What this shows is that Obama’s attempt to stop me (and later David Freddoso) from appearing on the Milt Rosenberg show was not some sort of fluke or over-reach, now corrected. The Obama camp is still systematically trying to discredit legitimate political opposition, rather than engage in civil debate. I see no reason to believe the technique will be abandoned after the election. On the contrary, victory would convince Democrats that this tactic is the only way to win.  So get ready, any conservative or Republican who gains some notice for criticizing Democrats.  They won’t just debate you.  They’ll do their best to destroy you.


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