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Hollywood, Unions Outraise Marriage Supporters 6-1.


According to the Baptist Press,

Having been out-fundraised by more than 6-to-1 this month in large donations, supporters of a California constitutional marriage amendment are warning they will lose on Election Day unless they receive a heavy influx of donations in the next week.

Thanks mostly to money from Hollywood, homosexual activist groups and the California Teachers Union, opponents of Proposition 8 have raised $14.6 million this month, supporters $2.3 million, according to data on the California secretary of state’s website. This week alone, from Sunday through Thursday (Oct. 19-23), opponents raised $3.8 million to supporters’ $844,000. The state data includes only donations of $1,000 or more.

It’s unclear whether the figures for opponents include $4 million brought in at a Tuesday Hollywood fundraiser attended by Barbra Streisand and Rob Reiner. Melissa Etheridge and Mary J. Blige performed.


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