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Shifting to the Senate


The reality of moving resources from a presidential candidate to Senate races is more difficult that both Frum and Krikorian might suggest. Apart from an array of legal impediments, where would the resources come from? Do they expect John McCain to take what remains of his war chest and distribute it to Republicans in tight races when, according to some polls at least, he is involved in a tight race himself? And, as Kathryn also pointed out, if the top of the ticket surrenders in advance of the election, totally demoralizing the Republican and conservative base and reducing turnout on Election Day, just where are the votes in these tight Senate races going to come from? Moreover, virtually all of the media time has already been purchased this late in the game — that is, the money has already been obligated. I suppose that leaves the RNC. But the RNC isn’t swimming in cash, either. Some of our deep thinkers need to think a little more deeply.


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