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Reich Man, Wrong Address


After my post this morning about a Mr A Hitler of “#1 Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany” joining Saddam Hussein et al as an enthusiastic contributor to the Obama campaign, several readers wrote to point out that Herr Hitler’s obviously fake address should have rung alarm bells with the Senator’s supposedly vast army of offline fraud checkers. Apparently, the Fuhrer’s correct billing address for his MasterCard should have been not “#1 Reichstag Building”, but the Reichskanzlei at Wilhelmstrasse 77.

Well, okay. But just so long as he doesn’t try voting twice using his vacation pad at Berchtesgaden.

Incidentally, my only claim to expertise in this Obama scam is that, as an online retailer myself (though sadly on a much reduced scale from the Messiah), I know that the “explanations” for the fraud that the campaign is offering are bunk. But I’m also struck by the remarkable lack of curiosity displayed by the Washington Post and New York Times reporters on this story. Their legwork consists of calling the Obama guys, getting a blandly evasive quote, and then pronouncing: “Case closed.” By contrast, look at this list of posts over at Atlas Shrugged, all from one website, and then ponder what, say, a Times investigative team might uncover if they looked into it. Which is presumably why they don’t.


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