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Voice Recognition Bleg


My last bleg involved financial markets spanning the globe. This bleg involves one tape recorder and one computer.

Working on my cold war book in earnest at last, the time has come for me to begin interviewing historians and eyewitnesses. I’m using one of those tapeless tape recorders–a device that records directly to a tiny hard drive.  The model I’m using–and I suppose I may as well be very specific here:  Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-300M.

Transcribing each interview by hand, needless to say, produces a kind of exquisite tedium. Can anybody tell me how to get my voice recognition software to recognize the material on the tape recorder?

The voice recognition software–I’m using “MacSpeech Dictate”–works just beautifully when I speak directly into the little microphone that came with the software. But it chooses not to recognize the material on the tape recorder at all. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn’t the voice recognition software recognize the voice on the tape recorder just as readily as it recognizes mine? Isn’t a voice a voice?

If a reader could tell me how to solve this problem, Lord, would I ever be grateful.


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