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3 Points


Rasmussen has it tightening to 3. Meanwhile, if you get depressed by bad state poll numbers and don’t want to see or hear about them, whatever you do, don’t click here! (Except maybe to peek at Florida).





With regard to Obama maintaining his leads in battleground State polling, even as most of the daily national tracking polls are narrowing — recall, throughout the campaign, shifts in the National race have usually not been reflected in State polling until about a week later.  Case in point, when Obama gained momentum in the third week of September – leading in the ABC/Post poll by 9, Rasmussen by 6, and Fox by 6, McCain was still holding a lead in most of the battleground states, (i.e. Fox still had McCain up by 4 in Ohio and McCain up by 5 in Florida).  If the National tracking polls that show this a 3-5 point race are at all accurate then the battleground States must also be tightening, especially given the huge margins Obama likely retains in the populous States of California, New York and Illinois. 


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