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“Pro-Life Laws Work”


That’s the title of Michael New’s NRO essay today, which exposes the flaws in a study on abortion touted by self-described pro-life supporters of Barack Obama.  New’s findings confirm what common sense would predict, including: “welfare spending has only a marginal effect on abortion rates,” “public funding of abortion through Medicaid increases abortion rates, [and] state-level informed-consent laws reduce abortion rates.”

Further, those who somehow give credit to the Clinton administration for a reduction in abortion rates ignore the effect of the various informed-consent and parental-involvement laws that states were able to enact in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 1992 ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (which slightly loosened the Roe v. Wade straitjacket).  Those laws will be invalidated if, as threatened, a President Obama signs into law the radical Freedom of Choice Act.  How it is that anyone who is genuinely pro-life could support Barack Obama—much less do so on the basis of his radical abortion policies—remains quite a mystery to me.


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