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More McCain Racism


According to The Washington Post today, “McCain has tried to reach out [to Hispanic voters] with Spanish-language television ads, such as one titled ‘Riesgo’ that calls Obama a risk for small-business owners and employees ….” Calling someone a risk is obviously racist, even in English, since racists think that being black is risky, or something like that. But my main point is that it’s even worse in Spanish. Why? Well, duh, look at the letters in “riesgo” — awfully close to the letters in “negro,” wouldn’t you say? Sure, you have an S and an I instead of an N, but is it just a coincidence that the letter N is exactly midway between S and I? I think not. Plus, “riesgo” rhymes with “negro.” Sort of. Once again, the McCain campaign is subtly but unmistakably reminding voters that Senator Obama is, well, you know. P.S. And, on top of everything else, “negro” is Spanish for “black.” Q.E.D. (that’s Latin).