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This is pathetic. Doug Kmiec, I remember when you came to my office at the Justice Department — where at the time I was serving as associate deputy attorney general under Attorney General Ed Meese — seeking an appointment.  I remember processing your papers and sending them to the White House for political clearance.  I remember advocating for your appointment to a deputy assistant attorney general post in the Office of Legal Counsel and securing your appointment.  And from there, Doug, you became the acting assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel in the last days of the Reagan administration.  You have now used your resume to give cover to perhaps the most radical and unqualified person to be nominated for president.  And your arguments on Obama’s behalf have been nothing short of dishonest.  I am extremely disappointed in you.  But my guess is you’ve earned a judgeship should Obama win the presidency.  Frankly, sometimes you think you know somebody when, in fact, you don’t.  


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