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Damaging Obama Revelation


Of all the articles I’ve published on Barack Obama, arguably the single most damaging revelation can be found in “Senator Stealth.” Yet the piece is relatively unknown. Fortunately, you can now read “Senator Stealth” here on NRO, with a new introduction added.

Have you ever heard of the Gamaliel Foundation? Neither has anyone else. Certainly, the press has avoided the topic. Yet Barack Obama’s very first “community organizer” experience came when he was working for the Gamaliel Foundation. What does the Gamaliel Foundation believe? It turns out that Gamaliel follows an anti-American ideology quite like that of Jeremiah Wright. You’d think that would be news. Yet perhaps for that very reason, so-called news organizations have avoided the issue.

“Senator Stealth” goes on to show how a pattern of stealthy and incremental radicalism is second nature to the community organizers Obama worked with. When Obama tells us that his political worldview was shaped, above all, by his days as a community organizer, I believe him. Up to now, however, Obama has relied on the fact that nobody knows what community organizers actually believe in or do. In “Senator Stealth,” I offer a detailed explanation of what Obama’s favorite community organizers are all about. You can read the article here.


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