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  • Abdollah Ramezanzadeh: “The ninth government [Ahmadinejad's cabinet] is the most incompetent cabinet in two hundred years.”
  • Reformist theoretician Mostafa Tajzadeh says the reformist camp will boycott the elections if there is the slightest attempt to hindering the reformists campaigning.
  • Former presidential candidate Mostafa Moin commenting on attempts to persuade Khatami to run for president: “What is the point? Why even run for president in a country when the government says it is chosen by the Imam of the Era!”
  • Shahrvand editor Ali Qouchani – protégé of Mehdi Karrubi – says Interior Minister Ali Kordan should maintain his portfolio: “Dr. Ali Kordan must remain interior minister so he, along with engineer Esfandiar Rahim-Mashayee and Dr. Behbahani can remain the symbols of the government of Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… Dr. Ali Kordan is not the issue, the issue is the boss who keeps him in the Interior Ministry…”
    • Alef News Agency attacks the government’s attempts to bribe parliamentarians to abstain from impeaching Kordan.
    • Government spokesman Elham says Ahmadinejad has ordered an investigation of the attempt to bribe parliament.
    • Larijani launches investigation of the government’s attempts to bribe parliamentarians to abstain from impeaching Kordan.
    • (E) Ahmadinejad says Kordan’s impeachment would be illegal.
  • Former IRGC chief Mohsen Rezai analyzes Iranian politics at the assembly of the Mansouroun revolutionary veteran group.
  • Fa’ezeh Hashemi Rafsajani refutes all rumors on wealth of the Rafsanjan family.
  • (E) Rezai says Iran needs electoral system change.


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  • Asr-e Iran reports Sarah Palin is popular in Tehran: “A couple of days ago, news came that U.S. presidential candidate John McCain’s choice of vice president Sarah Palin’s glasses is on sale in Tehran and has become highest fashion. Today I went to a couple of opticians to see if the story is true. The salesmen can be grouped in two categories: Those who thought I came from a strange place [the Intelligence Ministry] to stop sale of this product and who reacted in a very cautious way. They all said it is a rumor, that they do not have such a product, and that it can also not be found anywhere else. The second group maintained the caution of the first group, but added that there has been an increasing demand for this particular model of glasses…they added that the Iranian Presidency’s Office had sent people to town to stop sale of this particular model.”
  • Agah-Sazi rehabilitates Pahlavi-era gangster Teyyeb who was executed in the 1970’s.
  • Ahmdinejad says there is no such thing as “impartial and non ideological” media.
  • GPRS to be introduced in Iran.


  • Head of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Egyptian parliament says Tehran should stop attempts to export its revolution to Egypt and also says Egypt will not tolerate presence of “an Iranian Islamic Emirate in Gaza.”


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