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Iran News Round Up


Politics: Kordan Impeachment Crisis

  • E’temad editorializes: “Incompetent cabinet ministers…are worse for Iran than the impacts of the global financial crisis.”  
    • Ahmadinejad commenting on the Kordan affair: “In my opinion there is no news with regard to impeachment of Mr. Kordan necessitating the presence of the president [in parliament]…What is being said now has been said before…we have the greatest respect for the parliament [but] whatever they decide it will not have any impact on the government. We consider the parliament a friend, but don’t accept this impeachment… Kordan has worked for this country for thirty years…I’m not saying that Kordan is an extraordinary personality, but one must let him do his job. It is as if some [people] want to sabotage government work… Let’s say Kordan’s degree is forged. What is the point? As I have said before it is only a scrap of paper…” More here.
    • Increased rumors about forthcoming resignation of the interior minister.
    • Fatemeh Rajabi, wife of government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham, urges Ahmadinejad to dismiss Kordan.
    • Ahmadineajd says the bribing attempt was not government policy but the actions of an individual.
    • Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani condemns attempts to bribe the parliament to abstain from impeaching Interior Minister Kordan.
      • Larijani also prohibits Abbasi, director general of the Office of the Government, responsible for the bribing scandal from entering the parliament.
        • Aftab-e Yazd explains that government dismissal of its representative in the parliament who attempted to bribe parliamentarians in order not to impeach interior minister Kordan came five hours after Larijani prohibited the individual in question to enter the parliament building.
      • Abbasi resigns.
    • As Kordan’s impeachment nears, Agah-Sazi compares Kordan case with the impeachment of Khatami’s Interior Minister Hojjat al-Eslam Abdollah Nouri.
    • Kordan’s students say he shared his “Oxford memories” with them: “In his classes Mr. Kordan would often talk about his time at Oxford University and would ridicule the students by saying: ‘you are not real students, when I was at Oxford, we did this and that…’”

Politics: General



Military and Security

  • Those working for the Education Ministry, children of war veterans with disabilities, families covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, individuals with fathers, mothers or children with disabilities are exempted from compulsory military service.
  • Law Enforcement Forces say Jundollah leader Abd al-Malek Rigi and eight members of his gang have been wounded.
    • Law Enforcement Sources deny earlier reports on Jundallah leader Rigi’s wounding. So does Iran’s ambassador to Pakistan.

Religion, Culture, and Society

Human Rights

  • (E) Labor Ministry prepares for repatriation of 2 million Afghans.

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