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Back from Africa


And catching up on the latest spats. There wasn’t much internet in the bush, and I was reminded once again that one of the many reasons I love Africa is that, if you make a really big mistake, there is always something ready to eat you. I thought, watching a couple of lions fighting over pieces of a freshly killed buffalo, that our politics lacks finality. Wouldn’t it be nice to have losers leave town? Ah, well. So I caught up on the Anne Applebaum article explaining why she realized she was going to vote for Obama. And I read the critics and I read David Frum’s stated alarm that critcism of Anne – a good friend, a great scholar, a terrific wife and mother — somehow meant that there was “no room” for her in these parts.

I found Anne’s article unconvincing and unworthy of her great talents. And saying it, I don’t for a second intend to lock her out of anyplace, I’m just disagreeing with her. Not for the first time. She can come for dinner any time, and even stay over if she wants. Disagreement does not always mean intolerance. So we disagree. So what?


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