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The Commander in Chief and His Men


Barbara and I look at this election from the standpoint of a military family, and the thought of Obama as Commander-in-Chief fills us with dread. We are praying — intensely — for the defeat of John Murtha, an anti-American Marine gone bad, and Mark Hemingway gives us at least a few hours of Hope For Change, for the better. It would be just wonderful if Murtha was defeated, and the effect of that defeat delivered Pennsylvania to McCain.

We believe that the American military is the finest institution in our society, and we believe it’s significant that the Democrats are trying hard to exclude as many military ballots as they can. And we think it’s significant that the snooty intellectuals, the ones who think Sarah Palin is unworthy of high office, almost never have any real connection with the military. If they did, they might reconsider their snootiness. Does any of them know that General Mattis is a modern Patton (he can quote you Greek poetry)? 


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