Simplistic Notions

by Shannen W. Coffin

As I was turning the radio dial to put the sound on for Monsters Inc. for my daughter in the backseat of my car this morning, I happened on a short clip of WMAL’s Grandy and Andy, not a show I usually listen to (but often on the radio dial when I start my car in the morning because the show is on the same station as The Mark Levin Show, which greatly amuses me on my drive home). They had a good segment on this morning featuring the comments of Virginia Congressman Jim Moran (pronounced Mor-on) that Mona linked to. Congressman Moran was railing on the “simplistic notions” of selfish Americans who dare to oppose socialism. Here’s the money quote from Moran:

For the last seven years we have had the highest corporate profit ever in American history. . . But it hasn’t been shared, and that’s the problem, because we have been guided by a Republican Administration who believes in the simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it.  They have an antipathy toward the means of redistributing wealth.  And they may be able to sustain that for a while, but it doesn’t work in the long run.

For some reason, this clown will be returned to Congress for the Nth time today. And all of us simpletons who cling to our guns, religion and paychecks will suffer.

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