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I have a piece up on the homepage today about Ohio’s 15th district. Conservatives should keep an eye on the House race there. Iraq vet Steve Stivers is struggling to win a seat that has been safe for Republicans since the mid-sixties. Yesterday I asked Stivers what the outcome of the race might say about the state of the GOP:

On whether the district is a bellwether for national political trends, Stivers says, “If they choose me, it means that this district is the same as it’s always been, and that’s a moderate, fiscally conservative, fairly anti-tax district that is not in love with government. 
“If somehow Kilroy were to win,” he says, “it either means that there was an Obama tsunami, or it means that people in this district have, all of a sudden, given the financial problems were in, decided that government is the answer to every question, because that is her answer to every question.”

Of course, those aren’t the only two explanations: I’m sure the New Reformers (there you go, Jonah) could interpret a Stivers loss to mean that the GOP is not doing enough to convince moderate, fiscally conservative suburbanites that its policies will address middle-class concerns. But whatever the case may be, this race is worth watching.


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