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Center Left Country?



There has been a lot of preliminary chatter tonight about whether we remain a ‘center-right’ country, or have we gone ‘center left’? We’ll have to see. It’s shaping up as a strong electoral win for Obama. And GOP Senators are going down right and left. (Right. Not left.) But for the moment I am seeing a popular vote tally of 50% D to 49% R (on Fox). The popular vote is the better indicator of the state of ideological division in the nation. Unless the popular vote becomes much more disparate, it looks to me as if we have the same very clear, very even division we’ve had for the past almost two decades. What may be changing is the composition of the left side of the country. They are going further left. Since they will have the power, that’s a problem. But it doesn’t mean as much for the future of the country as the lefty commentariat would like.


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