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Iran News Round Up


(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his compilation; more to come as Iranian reaction to US elections solidifies).


  • Interior Minister Ali Kordan dismissed by a 188-45 vote, with 14 abstentions. Supporters of impeachment include Ali Mottahari, Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad-Ebrahim Nekounam, Hassan Wafayee, Rouhollah-Jani Abbas-Pour, Dastgheib, Mohammad Karami-Rad, Daryoush Ghanbari, Mohammad-Ghasim Osmani, and Sattar Hedaat-Khah.
  • Asr-e Iran speculates about potential successors at the Interior Ministry: Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi, Rouhollah Hosseinian, Commander Rouyanin, Moslehi, Samareh Hashemi and Sa’id-Lou.
  • Former Central Bank Director Tahmasb Mazaheri refutes rumors on his candidacy for president
  • Elahe Koulayee, central committee member of Mosharekat reformist faction, criticizes Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy record: “Four U.N. Security Council Resolutions against Iran is the result of the foreign policy of the Ahmadinejad government.”
  • Defending Ahmadinejad from criticism, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi calls Ahmadinejad’s government the most effective since 1979.


  • Quoting an unnamed Iraqi news agency, Entekhab claims Abd al-Aziz Hakim’s cancer came after the King of Jordan served him poisoned coffee.
  • Parliamentarian Assadollah Badamchian warns against psychological warfare against the government at a time when foreign enemies have intensified their attacks.
  • Mehran and Shalamcheh borders to Iraq closed to individual pilgrims to Iraq, only open to group tours.
  • (E) Djibouti wants Iranian mediation in talks with Eritrea.

Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani warns against spread of ”deviant sects” in Iran. More here.
  • Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi warns against intensified “Wahabi warfare” against the Shi’as.
    • Tabnak News reports distribution among Iranian pilgrims of a booklet criticizing Shi’ism written by Saudi leader Abdulaziz Bin-Baz.
  • Rafsanjani, meeting Azeri language students at the Azad University, defends the track record of Azad University (and criticizes Ahmadinejad) by saying no one has the right to impose his ideas on other people.
    • Rafsanjani says on Azad University founders, and not Ahmadinejad, can change the university’s statute.
  • (E) Iran releases videogame based on national epic, Shahnameh.
  • Law Enforcement Forces raid a “Satanist party” in Karaj.


  • Former parliamentarian Mohsen Izadkhah warns against hasty economic reforms and fast transformation of subsidies into oil dividends and stresses that successful attempts at economic stabilization will provide a safety net for those affected by the reforms in the transitional period.
  • Agah-Sazi demands resignation of Ahmadinejad to end the continuous political crisis.

Military and Security

  • Defense Minister Najjar claims Iran has produced a stealth submarine.
  • CD Rom commemorating the Iran-Iraq war released.
  • Revolutionary Guards Navy Chief Commander Morteza Saffari says that “Thanks to the special strategy and expert force,  the IRGC Navy is capable of fighting against the enemies everywhere… You have only seen a fraction of our armaments at war games and parades… Today we have different missiles with varying ranges that can hit the enemy very hard…today the the research centers of the Defense Ministry and the IRGC Navy are engaged in projects among which a majority is research in electronics…the Persian Gulf is under our total control and should the enemy get engaged in any move against the Islamic Republic it will receive a crushing response…”
    • Saffari also stresed the importance of further recruitment of schoolchildren for the Basij Resistance Force.

Human Rights and Labor


  • According to Tabnak, rumors of Iran, Russia and Qatar formation of a natural gas cartel has contributed to more lucrative contracts for Russia, which has left Iran behind.
  • UAE company Crescent says it is still involved in natural gas negotiations with Iran.


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