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Re Re Winning/Losing


I don’t think anyone disagrees with this — “So I think our energies would be better focused on examining where we went wrong than in objecting to where the other guys went right. We need to rediscover a coherent conservatism and find someone who can pitch it to sufficient numbers of people. We didn’t have either in this campaign.”  I certainly do not.   I don’t think anyone disagrees with this either — “Acorn is still a disgusting organization and Obama’s fundraising fraud is still outrageous. But nobody wants to hear that now.”  I raised it in response to the charge that the Obama campaign ran a grand campaign. The Obama campaign was smart as hell and corrupt as hell. To raise it, give it credit, and not discredit, is to be inaccurate. But that has nothing to do with addressing the problems in the GOP and the conservative movement and it is not raised in lieu of it. It is raised as a response. It certainly won’t be the focus of my attention.