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As Appalachia Goes, So Goes the...?


Uh, never mind. This Washington Post break-down of the geography and demographics of the election is sobering.



Interesting article for those of us who find these demographic analyses interesting and who hang on every one of Michael Barone’s words, but I think the conclusions drawn here are overblown. I have lived in the suburbs virtually my entire life and many hordes of suburban voters are moderate and persuadable. Ideologues are a small minority in suburbia.  To me, the facts cited here say more about candidate matchups than they do about any permanent party realignment. Bush was a more likeable, comfortable, and appealing candidate than Kerry. And as much as I like John McCain, Obama was just a more appealing candidate to these voters, and I can certainly understand why. He is a very special political talent. When Republicans have the more appealing candidate at the top of the ticket again, they will win the suburbs.



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