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McCainiacs vs. Palin


The sniping at Sarah Palin is an abomination. I would not, however, assume that staffers loyal to Sen. McCain are responsible.   By that I mean that presidential campaign staffs are large organizations. In the general election, that organization consists not only of individuals selected by the candidate, but an amalgam of individuals from the campaign staffs of his former rivals in the primaries. Those individuals sometimes have agendas that transcend the ticket or the current election. The comments could’ve come from anywhere.   That said, the GOP is going to be spending a long time in the wilderness if this kind of nonsense continues –regardless of the source.   The GOP just got shellacked. There has been a vivid lack of operational discipline, intellectual rigor and commitment to principle in the party over the last several years. And they spend their time in petty, vicious rumor mongering? Where are the adults in the party?   This is a serious time in this country. In case the GOP missed it, Russia just served notice that it’s back in the Cold War business, the economy is on fumes and we just elected a neophyte to heal the planet. Yet some party leaders seem to be going on holiday.   The GOP is the political home for conservatives. Conservatives expect and demand tough, mature, intelligent behavior from their politicians. Deliver.


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