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The Coming Steamroller: Fight


Republicans in the House and Senate who may be inclined, early on in the Obama administration, to sign onto some liberal policies in the interest of “bipartisanship” should pay close attention to the following from the Diana West column highlighted by Andy McCarthy:

As [Obama] now heads to the White House, it’s crucial that he finally be regarded as a politician, not a messiah, and as a man, not a moral judgment. Otherwise, the cultural juggernaut he seems likely to unleash will be unstoppable.
If Republicans are not prepared — right now — to resist the liberal policies that will be proposed after January 20, they will get steamrolled. Waiting until January to get up to speed will be too late.   If Republicans haven’t figured out from the election campaign that the powerful combination of Obama as a cultural phenomenon, a worshipful media, and a populace anxious about the economy will give liberals an almost unparalleled opportunity to enact an unalloyed liberal agenda, Republicans will be beaten before they even lace-up their boots.   As I’ve stated before, this doesn’t mean Republicans should oppose merely for the sake of opposition. But they must be alert and prepared, they must be marshalling their arguments right now against the harmful policies that Democrats have made abundantly clear they plan to enact.   And we conservatives need to make sure Republicans don’t go wobbly.


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