The Nancy Reagan Jab

by Andrew C. McCarthy

C’mon folks, let’s not be a bunch of mirthless wusses here.  Mark Steyn’s cover story for NR’s April 21 edition on Mrs. Obama’s America was laugh out loud stuff, and we all howled over the unintentionally hysterical New Yorker cover that depicted Michelle as a militant.  First families and their eccentricities, real or imagined, have never been off-limits.  What Obama said, whether you think it was funny or not (I thought it was kinda funny) was not offensive — it didn’t come close to John McCain’s infamous joke (at a 1998 fundraiser) at Chelsea Clinton’s expense, and I don’t recall too many protests around here about our candidate’s occasional low-brow jape.  Let’s not act like a bunch of Lefties just looking to be aggrieved over this or that slight.  This is likely to be a tough stretch, and we’ll need to be able to laugh — at ourselves and at the other side — to get through it.

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