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Iran News Round Up



·        Letter to the editor in Kayhan: “Some reformists talk of Obama as if he is a divine prophet. Obama too is part of the Great Satan.”

o       International Relations analyst Taraghi says Ahmadinejad’s open letters to Bush were the true reason for Obama’s victory.

·        Senior presidential advisor Mojtaba Hashemi Samareh explains the reason behind Ahmadinejad’s letter congratulating Obama: “The Islamic Republic has declared its policies and positions toward the United States on several occasions. The election of Obama necessitated another effort to stress and clarify those policies so it is known what Iran is pursuing. Correction of interventionist, selfish and vigilance towards the influence of the Zionist minority in America which is the reason behind the U.S. crimes and catastrophes was the reason… Ahmadinejad demands that the U.S. should close its military bases…and limit its interventions to within its own geographic borders.”

o       (E) Ahmadinejad slammed for Obama letter.

·        (E) Larijani: Iran expects Obama to make real change.

·        North Korean vice president demands the U.S. stop interfering in North Korea-Ira relations.

·        The Islamic Republic pays for student exchange programs between the Solomon Islands and Cuba.

·        Seychelles president visits Tehran.


·        Baztab publishes biography of acting interior minister Sadeq Mahsouli.


·        Central Bank director general suggests expansion of the tourism industry as a way to reduce oil dependency.

·        Gasoline purchases to transfer to smart cards in less than two weeks.

Military and Security

·        The Law Enforcement Forces to stage maneuvers in Tehran on Tuesday.

Religion, Culture, and Society

·        Man imprisoned for not paying a dowry of 350,000 roses upon divorce. Labor Minister Seyyed Mohammad Jahromi encouraged to run against Ahmadinejad in 2009 presidential elections.

Photo of the Day

·        Children’s show in Bandar Abbas.


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