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The Libertarian Option


Anthony Randazzo urges Republicans to avoid the traditionalist/reformer alternatives posited by David Brooks:

A new conservative movement that takes libertarian ideas seriously could use the inertia created by the nation’s new progressivism to slingshot itself into the future on a platform of reduced government, lower taxes, and limited interventionism, while also respecting climate change (adjusting the tax code to encourage green reform without any expense to taxpayers) and reforming the immigration system (opening the borders as the market demands labor without sacrificing security).

The Republican Party has a chance to transform itself into something it has never been: a party of small government based on classical liberal principles. It doesn’t have to be one of David Brooks’ visions of the GOP. In fact, if the Republican Party wants to return to power it will recognize the flaws in both approaches, avoid them like Road Runner toying with Wile E. Coyote, and embrace libertarianism instead.

That sort of Republican party would massively increase its support among voters named Anthony Randazzo, but I fear that accomplishment is unlikely to do much to help the party “return to power.”


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