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Shelby Steele Won’t Take It Back


This week on Uncommon Knowledge:  Shelby Steele.

Discussing the book on Barack Obama that he had just published, A Bound Man:  Why We Are Excited About Barack Obama and Why He Can’t Win, Shelby last appeared on the program earlier this year.  When we sat down together again late last week, I wanted to find out just how much of his earlier argument Shelby now wished to retract.  The answer?  Almost none.

Peter Robinson:  You claimed the last time you were that the candidacy of Barack Obama wasn’t about politics or policy or the future of the nation.  It was about race—above all, about making white folks feel good.  Do you want to stick with that claim?

Shelby Steele:  Absolutely I’ll stick with it.

What the Obama victory really means—and, at least as much to the point, what it really doesn’t.  Click here.


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