Re: Scott Johnson -- I Respectfully Dissent

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Typical of the way-too-modest Scott Johnson, his gracious assessment of the cruise leaves out what an invaluable addition Scott Johnson was to our deliberations. 

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Scott on one of the panels on Thursday, when he gave us his insights on the crucial senate election in his hometown Minnesota and the looming battle over the fairness doctrine.  Scott is one of our most important thinkers, and his mastery of detail is second to none.  For those who want to stay informed on the issues of the day, Powerline (where Scott toils regularly with John Hinderaker and Paul Mirengoff) is an essential stop.  For me, it was a pure delight finally to meet face-to-face someone I’ve liked and admired for so long, and to find that he (like his wife and daughter) is just as impressive and down-to-earth in person as he appears to be in print.

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