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re: The Times


I have now read the New York Times piece re: National Review (I can’t tell if it’s about the magazine or the website, but no matter). Frankly, it’s silly. With all due respect to David Frum and Kathleen Parker, their disgruntlement does not reflect the nature of either the magazine or the website. They were (are) provocative in what they wrote, they knew it, yet feign discomfort with the reaction and now wear the face of victimization. I find it all annoying and distracting. (You want to see hate mail? Try being a talk show host for about five minutes. You deal with it.) NR the website is a forum for input and debate, but for the occasional official editorial. Given the intelligent people around here, the debates will often be intense — just as they were from the day William Buckley founded NR magazine and thereafter. And, of course, throughout it all, there were those who took their pens and paper and went elsewhere. It happens — even at the New York Times


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