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Shelby Steele Gets it Right


Regarding the Uncommon Knowledge interview today with Shelby Steele, this note from a reader who knows where to find his solace:

Dear Peter:  Here in the DFW area the Fort Worth Startlegram (as we call it) has been posting letters from the very people Professor Steele is talking about.  I have been amazed at the number of letters gushing how they are white, but feel fulfilled because they voted for a man with black skin.  None mention Obama’s qualifications, or give a fact based reason for voting for him, just that they voted for him because he was black and what a wonderful feeling that gave them.  This is, to me, very sad as so many in the population do not make (or are capable of)  making a reasoned, fact based decision as to what is best for the country.  Unfortunately, rather than Obama’s election getting us beyond this, I fear with the MSM’s dogmatic support of this guy, it will only get worse.
Oh, well, there is always the Corner and a stiff martini in the evening.