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Post-Racial? Not a Chance


Obama received the votes of an enormous majority of voters under 25.  Why?  The author of A Bound Man, today on Uncommon Knowledge:

Everywhere I went on my book tour, young people would come up.  “We’re beyond your generation,” they would tell me.  “We grew up differently than you did.”  No, I tell them, you didn’t.  You did not.  You are now obsessed with race.  Race is the only thing that’s driving your interest in Barack Obama.  You couldn’t even tell me what his policies are.  You’re never critical of him in any way.  If you were free of race you would not judge him culturally.  You would judge him politically.  You just—you are consumed by race.

For Shelby Steele on the unique—and uniquely distressing—appeal of Barack Obama, click here.


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