Re: Steeling Me Away

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Sure, Michael, Eric Holder is a very “principled individual.”  As the editors observe this morning, it’s a shame those principles don’t include adherence to the Justice Department’s high standards of procedural rigor,  equal justice under the law, and non-politicized law enforcement — y’know, the ones Democrats have been lecturing us about for the last several years.

I wonder what Sen. Schumer — or, for that matter, Michael Steele — would say if Alberto Gonzales had greased the skids to pardon 16 FALN terrorists, two Weather Underground terrorists, and Marc Rich … when, in his spare time, he was having six-year-olds seized at gunpoint by SWAT teams for transport to a Communist dictatorship. 

Can there be any real doubt that Holder is “a very good choice for the job he’s being chosen to do.”  After all, he did it so well the first time around.

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