Lincoln, Really? Cont’d

by Jonah Goldberg

I’m getting lots of angry and nasty email about my column today. Maybe some leftwing blogger has provided talking points, because a lot of them use the same “we won, you lost, get over it” language. Or maybe that’s just a popular sentiment. None of them actually offer a single substantive disagreement with anything I wrote in my column. But here’s one, refreshingly free of profanity:

Dear sir, I read your comments from time to time with a bit of vomit at the back of my throat. It is interesting to see the “other” side’s continuing negative vitriolic take on this historical and exciting new President that the entire nation elected, not only the “blue” states.

Conservatives such as yourself are terrified that you are now and forever irrelevant and that your voices will continue to become more and more garbled until they simply die out. I am sure that you will continue to screech your narrow-minded, pin-headed, Paleozoic positions to whomever might be interested, and there will continue to be an audience (at least until they all die out) in the hill-billy, married to your first cousin areas of Appalachia, and even Liberals will read you and your ilk from time to time just to get a laugh. You and your kind are on the way out, and you don’t want to go quietly. Bye-Bye now.

Oh, and if you give to NR it will annoy these people. Surely that’s worth a few bucks?

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