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Our swollen toes and other (true!) NRO journalistic sob stories


Folks, these things don’t happen by magic or the sprinkling of pixie dust. It takes a lot of bucks to run NRO. Of course, each and every dollar we have is stretched to the max — we don’t have the luxury of, well, having luxuries. Cabs? Ha! Subway fare? Think again! How do I get to the press conference then? By foot! That’s how we operate. Calluses, fallen arches, and vibrant conservatism are the consequences.

NRO exists in no small part because of the generosity of our readers. Join the ranks of these revered souls. If you come to NRO every day or many days, if you understand how important NRO is both to you and to the cause of conservatism, then help us out. Whether it’s cold hard cash or warm soft cash — we need it, boy do we need it, and pledge to spend every penny über-wisely. For an alternative, picture this world wide web without NRO (as surely its inventor, Mr. Gore, does).

So please donate today. Come on, I’m begging – and that’s a very ugly sight, so ugly that we’re prohibited from running my picture with this post. Make your generosity known here.


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