Plans, Undone

by Jonah Goldberg

A couple weeks before the election, I penned a column complaining that the press’s  — and the respective presidential campaigns’ — obsessive devotion to their plans was silly. There’s no way Obama will stick to his plan, if elected (ditto McCain) I wrote. And, it seems I was right. Obama certainly doesn’t sound like he’s sticking to the plan he proposed for the last year, and that’s a good thing too. Indeed, he’s done about as good as any of his critics could have hoped during the staffing phase of the transition. Even Eric Holder — as problematic as he is — is better than some of the alternatives. Anyway, I just think it’s an important point to make after elections because we seem to make the same mistake every four years: as a nation we measure the worth of a president by his plans and then we salute his “pragmatism” for abandoning his plans once he’s elected.

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