Hamdan To Be Sent To Yemen

by Andrew C. McCarthy

The AP reports that Salim Hamdan, Osama bin Laden’s personal driver and bodyguard, is about to be sent home to his native Yemen.  The resolution spares the military the embarrassment of continuing to hold as a combatant someone its commission process (in the first combatant trial) ludicrously concluded was worthy of only a six-month sentence (i.e., five-and-a-half years minus time already served).  It also means Hamdan won’t even serve the entirety of that six-month term.  The sentence expires in January, and the Pentagon says he’ll serve the rest of it in Yemen — where al Qaeda prison escapes are the norm.  No word on whether we will be returning to Hamdan the surface-to-air missiles he had when he was apprehended. 

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