Another Holder Dissenter

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Earlier today, I registered my dissent to Obama’s choice of Eric Holder as AG — actually, part of my dissent (there’s more to follow).  Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris also weighs in:

Just as troubling [as the appointment of Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security Secretary] is Obama’s appointment of Eric Holder as his Attorney General.  While criticism of the nomination has focused, justifiably, on his sell-out of the public interest by recommending the pardon of fugitive Marc Rich, it is his approval of commutations for the FALN – the Puerto Rican terrorists – that should raise red flags.  Before 9/11, when we were not hyper-sensitive to terrorism, Holder did Hillary Clinton’s bidding in approving the pardon of those who bombed Fraunces Tavern in New York City, killing four people and injuring fifty others.  Facing a run for Senate in New York State, with its sizable Puerto Rican population, Hillary was anxious to deliver a signal of her empathy with the desires of New York’s Hispanics.  Bill, eager to please, sought Justice Department approval for the commutations.  Even though the prisoners themselves had not asked for commutation (two refused to accept it), Holder approved the action and cleared the way for a pre-election gift to New York’s Puerto Rican community.

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