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Thanksgiving NRO Classics


In case you need some last-minute advice and you want NRO in your kitchen, too.

How to prepare the cranberries. (Or make use of the White Castle burgers.)

What to drink.

How to fry the turkey.

My Wine Guy updates last year’s revises and extends his remarks from last year:

you can update the french pinot vintages to simply 2005  … while young, the year is extraordinary (by most estimates) … I have had a few and they have been real treats, with the sense that they will give so much more … they are also very affordable right now … alan meadows of burghound says the vintage is the best ever, top to bottom … as for beaujolais, I would update that away from village to now include cru beaujolais, a new experience for me this year … in particualr the moulin a vents from domain bief (Dubouef makes) are really impressive (considering the gamay grape) … more burgundy than beajolais … also good in the 2005 …. I would add to that list chazrdonnay, which i know you like, but I dont drink chardonay …. Overall, I say celebrate with 2005 french red burgundies — hard to pick a bad one, and the youngness matches the thanksgiving thing


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