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I’m grateful for life in a land of freedom, opportunity and tolerance, where the sky is still the limit, where the rule of law prevails, where I and my loved ones are ordinarily safe, healthy, and comfortable, where the government, even when it doesn’t do things exactly the way I might wish, is essentially uncorrupt, evenhanded, and more-or-less reliable, where one can speak and pray as one wishes, where the educational opportunities are truly boundless (even if sometimes imperfect), where the environment is taken seriously, where most people obey the law, and where we respect differences rather than condemn them. I have plenty of bones to pick with our political leaders, our public policies, and a lot of fellow conservatives (not to mention scads of liberals) but this is a pretty terrific place to live and we are blessed to call America home.

— Chester E. Finn Jr. is senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University & president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.


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