Re: Obama’s Picks

by Jonah Goldberg

Peter – I’m sympathetic to your take. But I think you downplay the potential for real problems in the Obama administration down the road. As I tried to suggest in my USA Today column, the idea that Obama will be able to impose his will and his “progressive vision” over the objections and efforts of his cabinet heads doesn’t have a lot of precedent. This is his honeymoon. His picks provide exciting copy. He has hadn’t had to govern yet. So long as we’re in crisis and photo-op mode, all the oars will pull in the same direction. But soon enough, the cracks in Obama’s “team of rivals” will start to show. There may be no “i” in the word team, but there’s two in Hillary Clinton — and another two in Bill Clinton.

Update: From a reader:


Somehow I have a feeling when the “cracks” you describe start to show it won’t be portrayed as “courageous” or “principled” but as insubordination and sniping…  Don’t know why, but I get a feeling questioning The One won’t be as noble as standing up to the evil Bushitler Crime Family.

And it’s really William Clinton, so there are three “i’s”…

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