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Iran News Round Up



  • Kayhan says that Israeli agents were behind the terrorist attacks in Mumbai “in order to make the Indian government invite the Mossad to India.” 
    • Kayhan also claims to have discovered “the British hand” in the terrorist attacks.
    • Fars News Agency claims the rabbi killed in the terrorist acts in Mumbai was “anti-Zionist” and “increases the possibility that the act was done by Israeli agents.”
  • Mohammad-Ali Ramin, a German-born advisor to Ahmadinejad, attacks former Intelligence Minister Yunesi who has criticized Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial: “Ahmadinejad has managed to open one of the files of the international Zionism’s many crimes… Such uncalled for interventions only serve as signals to the Zionist regime which prolongs the shameful existence of Israel… Is he [Yunesi] sorry to see that Ahmadinejad has raised an issue which has imposed crisis upon the triangle of America, England and Israel? Is this the way to treat a government which is dealing with the inhumane and criminal track record of Israel…? Discussing the Holocaust issue is to the benefit of Iran’s national interest, to the benefit of the innocent people of Palestine and according to experts is very much to the detriment of Zionist international…Mr. Yunesi must know that during his tenure in cabinet great many catastrophes have taken place and many secrets have found their way to the hands of the enemy…Such disclosed secrets has been the best instrument in the hands of the trinity of Satan…”
  • (E) Larijani: Iran’s future direction depends on Obama.
  •  Three hundred students demonstrate in front of the Iranian foreign ministry to demand “execution of Hosni Mubarak” and “cutting oil exports to the West” in protest against “crimes of the Zionist regime in Palestine and silence of heads of government of Arab countries.”
  • Rafsanjani defends NGO’s which Ahmadinejad earlier accused of being Western agents, and says charity is one of the most important matters in religion.
  • Rafsanjani says the country is going through a ”state of crisis”: “Under any circumstances, America is our first enemy, it has sharpened its teeth and armed its infantry divisions…Also inside the country we are in need of genuine unity and we must continue the path of our dear leader. As long as the Revolution rests upon Islam and the people it can’t be harmed…The people will never turn counterrevolutionary. But should they feel that their vote are interpreted in a different way and that they can’t play the role well in the society their presence in the scene will be reduced.”

Afghanistan and Iran

    • Some 8850 workers and 35 families were expelled from Iran to southwestern province of Nimruz.
    • More than 1,000 Afghans are daily ousted to Nimruz.
    • Afghans are banned in Sistan and Baluchistan of Iran – holders of legal residence permits are transferred to other areas, while those without any documents are driven out to Afghanistan.
    • The Afghan Ministry of Refugees claims that Iran has deported 30,000 Afghan refugees in the last month.
    • According to UNHCR, two million Afghans refugees live in Iran. Half are now legally entitled to stay.

·        Afghan refugees facing identity crisis

o       According to an Afghan research agency, three million of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan have lost their identity and are not welcomed back in Afghanistan.



  • Central Bank director Mahmoud Bahmani reports to Ahmadinejad: “Economic growth is 6.9 percent, which is 0.7 percent growth compared with last year… The population is up to 70.5 million…Unemployment is down to 10.6 percent of the work force compared with 12.1 percent last year… there is a 2 percent increase in petroleum exports…foreign exchange reserve up to $44.2 billion, …increase in non oil exports…”
  • One Radio Farda listener from Kerman says that seven family members with graduate degrees can’t find a job (audio) and that most young men in his neighborhood are unemployed. Another listener, a worker in Tehran, says the government’s official unemployment rate does not reflect reality.
  • In a separate report the foreign exchange reserve is $23 billion.
  • Sarmayeh claims the Iranian government has lost $4.5 billion converting the foreign exchange reserve into currencies other than the U.S. dollar.
  • According to former vice president Abtahi, former president Khatami has assembled a team of economists to suggest policy recommendations for economic recovery of Iran.


  • Iran and Malaysia sign contract for development of Golshan and Ferdows natural gas field. More here.
  • Alef News Agency reports on performance of free trade areas in Iran.

Religion, Culture and Society

Human Rights and Labor

  • Before being arrested during a protest, one of four students at Alameh Tabatabai University told Radio Farda that authorities beat and kicked them.
    • Alameh University security chief grants an interview to Radio Farda, and says it is the fault of the students that they get banned from the university and are imprisoned.

Military and Security

  • Head of the Air and Space Organization of Iran explains the details of launching the Kavosh missile last week.
  • As the first part of the “Societal Discipline Scheme,” Tehran Police establish “mobile police stations” in all greater Tehran neighborhoods.
  • Islamic Republic of Iran Army chief Ataollah Salehi: “Heavy carriers of the enemy in close spaces or in coastal areas constitute a weakness…”
  • (E) Iran holds Navy exercises.
  • Seyyed Ali-Reza Avayi, chief of the Tehran Justice Administration: “The definition of being a Basij member is not wearing a Palestinian scarf or khaki uniform. The essence of being a Basij member is how the members behave towards the rest of the population.”
  • Military advisor to the Supreme Leader speaking to Basijis at Moddarres Pedagogical University: “The Middle East will remain a strategic region for decades to come” and adds: “energy reserves, ideological influence of the region on Muslims and humanity, the consumer market, naval transportation and military/security importance” of the Middle East are why the Middle East is important.
  • Iranian Air Force tests air to air missile with 40 kilometers range.

Nuclear Issue

  • Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad speaking in Tehran: “In the Quran, there are verses in which the Muslims are ordered to be armed. Therefore, we must have up to date weapons to be able of defending ourselves and in order to achieve the technology to make such arms we need science. But one must take into consideration that these arms are defensive weapons, and not offensive weapons…The enemy is taking advantage of our weakness and is bullying us. But we need weapons of our own and the enemy denies us weapons that we need to face them with. Therefore we have to build such weapons our self…It is true that we have made great advances, and Iran has indeed advanced in medical sciences, but we must also be great…”


Public Health

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