The Mormon Menace

by Jonah Goldberg

Yesterday in my LA Times column (now up at NRO with the smallest of changes), I criticized the organized campaign against Mormons by pro-gray marriage forces. My editors at the Times said Proposition 8 was still a live issue out there and that if I wanted to write something I should (to their credit, they let me run the piece which criticized the Times directly with nary a word of objection). Man, oh man, Manishevitz, were they right about it being a live issue out there. My LA Times email box exploded. (I was told by a bunch of folks that there were zillions of comments to the column, but when I checked this moring, the comments string seemed to be gone). For every “thank you” from a Mormon or a conservative (or a conservative Mormon), there was a “you filthy bigot” or  “or you’re a pinhead moron” email from the Left. For every “thank you” from a liberal or gay (or gay liberal), there was a “you’re a pinhead moron” from the right because I’m not up in arms enough about the possibility of gay marriage. Amongst the hundreds and hundreds of missives there were thoughtful criticisms from all sides and generous praise, but also an enormous amount of vicious, ugly nastiness.

Sign of a good day’s work for a columnist, I say.

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